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Daemoni "Black Tyrant" Digipack 2019


Image of Daemoni "Black Tyrant" Digipack 2019

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1.Moriens Pulsatio
2.Abstersion's Rite
3.Carnifex Christi
4.Plagues Embraced
5.Black Tyrant
8.Thirsty Underworld

On the symbolic date of June 6th, GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DAEMONI's long-awaited second album, Black Tyrant.

Hailing from Bogotá, DAEMONI formed in 2009 and feature members who've cut a wide path in the Colombian extreme metal scene, including such bands as Horncrowned, Nosferatu, Divine Prophanity, Inoculation, and Disenterror among others. Biding their time patiently, the band made their first public recording with their debut album, Stillborn Redeemer, in 2011. No need for a demo, DAEMONI burst into the underground with cold, iron-fisted malice here: Stillborn Redeemer tellingly featured a cover of Dark Funeral's "Shadows Over Transylvania," used with permission from Lord Ahriman, and suitably did the album brim with an ancient fire.

Years would pass, but DAEMONI continued to be a force on the live front, supporting Colombian shows by such luminaries as Mayhem, Suffocation, Dark Funeral, Krisiun, and Vader among others, with 2018 bringing the band's first European show in Madrid, Spain. Alas, the time to strike again is upon us and DAEMONI eclipse the freezing fire of their debut with Black Tyrant. A more finessed 'n' focused work, Black Tyrant exudes an air of professionalism and daresay "maturity" that thankfully never threaten to neuter the primeval fury at the heart of DAEMONI's aesthetic. Indeed, the album is aptly titled, for the band's songwriting has reached a masterful level, wholly matching the more muscular aspect that guides these eight underworld hymns. Each instrument is clearly heard, robust but blood-red; the quintet are in the throes of demonical possession, but still retain a tightness of execution. And after 40 furious, fiery minutes, the listener shall likewise reach a state of demonical possession with Black Tyrant.

Graced with masterful artwork by Jenglot Hitam, at long last does Black Tyrant arrives, for black and tyrannical is DAEMONI's reign!